Fund Documents

Empower International Index Fund
Empower International Growth Fund
Empower International Value Fund
Empower Emerging Markets Equity Fund
Small Cap
Empower S&P Small Cap 600® Index Fund
Empower Small Cap Value Fund
Empower Small Cap Growth Fund
Mid Cap
Empower Ariel Mid Cap Value Fund
Empower Mid Cap Value Fund
Empower S&P Mid Cap 400® Index Fund
Empower T. Rowe Price Mid Cap Growth Fund
Large Cap
Empower Large Cap Growth Fund
Empower Large Cap Value Fund
Empower S&P 500® Index Fund
Real Estate
Empower Real Estate Index Fund
Empower Bond Index Fund
Empower Core Bond Fund
Empower Global Bond Fund
Empower High Yield Bond Fund
Empower Multi-Sector Bond Fund
Empower Short Duration Bond Fund
Empower U.S. Government Securities Fund
Empower Inflation-Protected Securities Fund
Money Market
Empower Government Money Market Fund
Profile Funds
Empower Conservative Profile Fund
Empower Moderately Conservative Profile Fund
Empower Moderate Profile Fund
Empower Moderately Aggressive Profile Fund
Empower Aggressive Profile Fund
Lifetime Funds
Empower Lifetime 2015 Fund
Empower Lifetime 2020 Fund
Empower Lifetime 2025 Fund
Empower Lifetime 2030 Fund
Empower Lifetime 2035 Fund
Empower Lifetime 2040 Fund
Empower Lifetime 2045 Fund
Empower Lifetime 2050 Fund
Empower Lifetime 2055 Fund
Empower Lifetime 2060 Fund
Great-West SecureFoundation® Funds
Empower SecureFoundation® Balanced Fund
Empower SecureFoundation® Balanced ETF Fund
Core Strategies Funds
Empower Core Strategies: U.S. Equity Fund
Empower Core Strategies: International Equity Fund
Empower Core Strategies: Flexible Bond Fund
Empower Core Strategies: Inflation-Protected Securities Fund
Fund Holdings
Empower Funds: Funds of Funds Holdings
Statements of Additional Information
Statement of Additional Information for the Empower Core Strategies Funds
Statement of Additional Information for the Empower Funds
Statement of Additional Information for the Empower SecureFoundation® Balanced ETF Fund
Glossary of Terms

Shares of the Funds of Empower Funds, Inc. (Empower Funds) are sold only through their currently effective prospectuses. Shares of certain Funds are not available to the general public but are offered only to insurance company separate accounts for certain variable annuity contracts and variable life policies, to individual retirement account (IRA) custodians or trustees, and to plan sponsors of certain qualified retirement plans. Certain Funds are also available to college savings programs and to asset allocation funds that are series of Empower Funds. For those Funds that are not available to the general public, an individual investor cannot purchase shares of the Funds directly; rather, he or she must own a variable annuity contract, variable life insurance policy or IRA, or participate in a qualified retirement plan or college savings program that makes one or more of the Funds available for investment.

Securities, when presented, are offered and/or distributed by Empower Financial Services, Inc., Member FINRA/SIPC. EFSI is an affiliate of Empower Retirement, LLC; Empower Funds, Inc.; and registered investment adviser, Empower Advisory Group, LLC. This material is for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide investment, legal or tax recommendations or advice.

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